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Earphones for Your Droid Bionic

Your Droid Bionic most likely didn’t come with earphones. That’s not a reason to give up on the concept. In fact, the nice people who sold you the Droid Bionic might have tossed in a set of earbud-style earphones for you to use. If not, well then, they weren’t that nice, were they?

You’re probably familiar with earbud-style earphones: The buds are set into your ears. The sharp end of the earphones plugs into the top of the phone.

Between the earbuds and the sharp, pointy thing is often found a doodle on which a button sits. The button can be used to mute the phone or to start or stop the playback of music when the Droid Bionic is in its music-playing mode.

You can also use the Doodle button to answer the phone when it rings.

A teensy hole that’s usually on the back side of the doodle serves as the phone’s microphone. You can use the earphones as a hands-free headset with the Droid Bionic.

  • You can purchase any standard cell phone headset for use with the Droid Bionic. Ensure that the headset features a microphone; you need to talk and listen on a phone.

  • Some headsets feature extra Doodle buttons. These headsets work fine with the Droid Bionic, though the extra buttons may not do anything specifically.

  • The earbuds are labeled R for right and L for left.

  • You don’t use the earphone’s doodle to set the phone’s volume, either in a call or while you’re listening to music. Instead, the volume is set by using the volume-control buttons, found on the side of the phone, as illustrated in this figure.


  • Be sure to fully insert the earphone connector into the phone. The person you’re talking with can’t hear you well when the earphones are plugged in only part of the way.

  • You can also use a Bluetooth headset with your phone, to listen to a call or some music.

  • Fold the earphones when you don’t need them, as opposed to wrapping them in a loop: Put the earbuds and connector in one hand and then pull the wire straight out with the other hand. Fold the wire in half, and then in half again, and you avoid creating one of those Christmas-tree-light wire balls that would otherwise happen. You can then put the earphones in your pocket or on a tabletop.