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Droid Bionic: Voice Dial People You Call Often

Because the Droid Bionic is sort of a computer, it keeps track of your phone calls. Also, you can voice dial and you can flag as favorites certain people whose numbers you want to keep handy. You can take advantage of these two features to quickly call the people you phone most often or to redial a number.

To use the call log to return a call, or to call someone right back, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the Dialer app on the Home screen.

  2. Touch the Recent tab, found at the top of the window, as shown.

    The Recent tab displays a list of calls you’ve made and calls received. Though you can choose an item to see more information, to call someone back, it’s just quicker to follow Step 3.


  3. Touch the green Phone icon next to the entry.

    The Droid Bionic dials the contact.

People you call frequently or contacts you’ve added to the Favorites list can be accessed by touching the Favorites tab (refer to the figure). Scroll the list to find a favorite contact, and then touch the green Phone icon to dial.

The Droid Bionic lets you experience the thrill of dialing a phone using only your voice. This feature can be handy when you’re busy working or driving.

To perform the wonders of voice dialing, summon the Voice Commands app from the App menu or just press and hold the Search soft button.


Using a voice that’s much more pleasant than the Maps app’s navigation voice, the Droid Bionic urges you, “Please say a command.” Reply by saying “Dial” followed by a contact name or phone number.

The phone quizzes you a bit if it’s uncertain about your answer. Say “Yes” or “No” as necessary. Eventually, the number is dialed.

Even though you can dial with your voice, you still need to touch the red End Call button on the screen to hang up the phone.