Droid Bionic: Use Music as a Ringtone - dummies

Droid Bionic: Use Music as a Ringtone

You can use any music from the Droid Bionic music library as the phone’s ringtone. The first part of the process is finding a good tune to use. Follow along with these steps:

  1. Touch the Launcher button on the Home screen to display all apps on the phone.

  2. Touch Music to open the music player.

  3. Choose a tune to play.

    The song you want must either appear on the screen or be playing for you to select it as a ringtone.

  4. Press the Menu soft button.

  5. Choose Use As Ringtone.

    The song — the entire tune — is set as the phone’s ringtone. Whenever you receive a call, that song plays.

The song you’ve chosen is added to the list of ringtones. It plays — from the start of the song — when you have an incoming call and until you answer the phone, send the call to voice mail, or choose to ignore the call and eventually the caller goes away and the music stops.

You can add as many songs as you like by repeating the steps.


Scan the barcode to see a free app at the Android Market, Zedge. It has oodles of free ringtones available for preview and download, all shared by Android users around the world.