Droid Bionic: Use MOTOPRINT and Print to Retail - dummies

Droid Bionic: Use MOTOPRINT and Print to Retail

The Droid Bionic comes with the wireless network printing app MOTOPRINT. You can use this app to print from your phone to any wireless printer on a computer Wi-Fi network. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your Droid Bionic is connected to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network.

    The network should have a network printer available for sharing.

  2. Start the MOTOPRINT app.

    The first time you start MOTOPRINT, you see some information displayed. Feel free to touch the Continue button.

  3. Choose something to print from the MOTOPRINT menu.

    For example, to print a saved Gmail message, choose the Saved Emails option.

  4. Browse for the item to print.

    When no items to print are available, you’re rudely informed. Try another category or use another printing method.

  5. If prompted by the Complete Action Using menu, choose the command Print with MOTOPRINT.

  6. Choose your printer from the Favorites list or touch the Add Printers button to locate a wireless printer.

  7. Choose optional printer settings on the Print screen.

    You can set the number of copies and choose the paper size and orientation, for example.

  8. Touch the Print button.

    The item is queued up and printed.

The MOTOPRINT command is available from other apps, such as Gmail and the Gallery. If the command doesn’t appear on the screen, press the Menu soft button and look for either the Print or MOTOPRINT command.

Printing options are also available on the various Share menus on the Droid Bionic, though the option may not exist for all document types or in all apps.

Printing with MOTOPRINT is faster than Bluetooth printing.

The Droid Bionic also gives you the option to “Print to Retail.” What the Print to Retail option does is send the document or image to a local photo developer, such as Costco.

After you choose the Print to Retail option from the Share command menu, the Droid Bionic uses its GPS feature to locate nearby retail photo developers. You can choose one of them and then fill in the blanks to begin the printing process. Your pictures are eventually sent electronically to the developer and printed. They’re available for pickup later.