Droid Bionic: Twitter App - dummies

Droid Bionic: Twitter App

Your Droid Bionic is capable of letting you tweet from wherever you are. The Twitter social networking site proves the hypothesis that everyone will be famous on the Internet for 140 characters or fewer.

Like Facebook, Twitter is used to share your existence with others or simply to follow what others are up to or thinking. It sates some people’s craving for attention and provides the bricks that pave the road to fame.

The Twitter application provides an excellent interface to many Twitter tasks. You can search for it at the Android Market or use your phone to scan the QR code.


After installing the app, sign in. You eventually see the Twitter app’s main interface, where you can read tweets from the people you’re following.

To tweet, touch the New Tweet icon, shown in the margin. Use the New Tweet screen to send text, upload an image from the Gallery, or take a new picture.

  • They say that of all the people who have accounts on Twitter, only a small portion of them actively use the service.

  • A message posted on Twitter is a tweet.

  • You can post messages on Twitter or follow others who post messages.