Droid Bionic Tips and Tricks - dummies

Droid Bionic Tips and Tricks

Here is a simple list of Droid Bionic tips, tricks, and shortcuts. These are some of the most common things learned from using the Droid Bionic and from overcoming some of its more frustrating aspects.

Disable animations

Who doesn’t want a faster phone? Well, people who don’t really care about all the onscreen animations. Though this trick doesn’t truly speed up your phone, by disabling animations, you help the Droid Bionic have a peppier feel to it. Heed these directions:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings and then Display.

  3. Choose Animation and then No Animations.

Get a wireless charging battery cover

When you want to go truly wireless – forgoing all wires, period – then you can get the Wireless Charging Battery Cover thing for your Droid Bionic.

You get two toys with the Wireless Charging Battery Cover. The first is the cover itself. The second is a charging pad. With the cover installed, you simply set the Droid Bionic on the pad to charge it. A battery inside the back cover lines up the phone for perfect charging.

Can you go completely wireless?

Beyond charging the phone, the only other reason to connect a wire is to share files with a computer or to send the Droid Bionic’s video to an HDMI monitor or TV. It’s possible to exchange files wireless with Bluetooth or by using the Shared Folders option in the Files app. You can also use DLNA to view media on your phone from a PC using the Wi-Fi network.

So the technical answer is that, yes, it’s entirely possible to configure the Droid Bionic to be completely wireless. But the realistic answer is that wires are still necessary for some things, simply because the wireless method of file transfer or broadcasting video isn’t as easy as the wire-based method. For now.

In-pocket detection

Fans of wearing earphones with their Droid Bionic enjoy talking hands-free, and when they do, they usually answer the call, insert the earphones, lock the phone, and thrust it into their pocket. With the phone locked, you don’t need to worry about the call being accidentally muted or disconnected.

You can have the phone locked automatically whenever you thrust it into your pocket, thanks to the Droid Bionic’s In-Pocket Detection feature. Follow these steps to activate it:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings and then Display.

  3. Place a green check mark by the option In-Pocket Detection.

Contact Quick Actions

You may have noticed that a contact’s picture contains shows three dots beneath the image. These three dots are there whether the image is a photo or the stock generic Android icon. They can be used to summon the Quick Actions menu for that contact, as shown.


Summon the Quick Actions menu by long-pressing the contact’s image.

Disable 4G LTE service

You can easily blow past your monthly data plan allowance. You probably have an allowance of only 2 gigabytes (GB) of data per month before another charge pops on your bill. To help avoid it, you can select a higher-capacity data plan or simply choose to forego the 4G LTE experience.

To limit the Droid Bionic to use only the 3G (or a slower) network, follow these steps:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings, then Wireless & Networks

  3. Choose Mobile Networks, then Network Mode.

  4. Choose CDMA Only.

To reactivate the 4G LTE network, repeat these steps but choose CDMA/LTE in Step 4.

Changing the network does not alter your cell phone plan’s data service limit. All it does is ensure that you’ll take longer to get to that limit.

Find your lost cell phone

Someday, you may lose your Droid Bionic. The software solution is to use a cell phone locator service.

Cell phone locator services employ apps that use a phone’s cellular signal as well as its GPS to help locate the missing gizmo. These types of apps are available on the Android Market, including:

  • Wheres My Droid

  • Lookout Mobile Security

  • Mobile Phone Locator