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Droid Bionic Social Networking App: Set Your Status

When you use the Social Networking app on the Droid Bionic, sharing the most intimate details of your life with the entire online universe is as simple as it can be potentially embarrassing. There’s no point in doing the social networking thing if you’re not going to be social. In the Social Networking app, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Menu soft button and choose Set Status.

    The Set Your Status screen appears, as shown in this figure. You see your current status on all your social networking sites, as shown in the figure. The status you set is posted to the sites you specify.


  2. Type a new status.

    When you’re posting to Twitter, only the first 140 characters of your status appear.

  3. Touch the To field (refer to the figure) to specify to which social networks you want to post.

    The icons in the To field show the currently selected services.

  4. Touch the Paperclip icon to attach your current location or a web page link.

    If you choose Web Page, you see a list of the last several websites you’ve been to; there’s no need to copy and paste a web page link.

  5. Touch the Post button to send your merry message on its way.

Your social networking status is updated immediately on whichever sites you selected. The next screen displays your status in the Social Networking app.

  • When posting to Facebook, your status explains that you posted via DROID. This text is a clue to others that you used your phone to set your status.

  • You can use the Social Networking widget on the Home screen to review your current status or see status updates from your friends.

  • There’s no way to unpost a status using the Social Networking app. For that kind of magic, visit the social networking site on a computer.