Droid Bionic Social Networking App: Read Status Updates - dummies

Droid Bionic Social Networking App: Read Status Updates

When you start the Social Networking app on the Droid Bionic, you see a list of status updates, news, and tweets from your social networking pals, similar to the ones shown in this figure. Tiny icons flag the various social networking sites from which the information is pulled, as illustrated in the figure.


To see only information intended for you, touch the Me button at the top of the screen, as shown in the figure. Or, you can restrict the display to certain sites by touching the Services button and then choosing which social networking site you want to view.

When you want to see all services, touch the Services button again and choose All Services from the Select menu.

Touching an entry displays more details, such as comments, links, or images. For example, if you want to “like” an item in Facebook, touch that item to see the details. Touch the Like button on the details screen to like the post, or touch the Add Comment button to express your opinion.

Updates to your social networking sites are flagged by notification icons, as illustrated.