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Droid Bionic: Share Media with DLNA

After wandering into the land of mysterious acronyms, you’ll encounter one DLNA, which stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. Your Droid Bionic is a DLNA device, which means that it can easily share information — specifically, media files such as pictures, videos, and music — with other DLNA gizmos. The connection can be direct or over a Wi-Fi network.

The easiest way (if there is such a way) to do the DLNA thing is to configure your networked Windows computer for media sharing. Further, the Windows computer must have access to a wireless network before it can connect to the phone.

To play media from a computer on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the phone’s Wi-Fi is turned on and that the phone is plugged in to a power source.

  2. Start the DLNA app, found on the App menu.

    The first time you run the app, you have to dismiss a few warnings or accept a few conditions.

  3. Touch the huge Play Media button.

  4. Choose the Windows PC from the list that’s displayed.

    If you don’t see the Windows PC listed, either you haven’t configured it for media sharing or it’s unavailable on the wireless network.

  5. Choose the type of media you want to play.

  6. Browse to find the media; continue opening folders as necessary.

  7. Touch a media item to watch or listen, or both.

    At this point, the phone plays the media, which you can enjoy on the touchscreen.

Press the Back button to back out of a folder or category, or just keep pressing the Back button to return to the main DLNA screen.

  • You can use the Share Media option to make the Droid Bionic’s pictures, videos, and music accessible from a DLNA-enabled PC. You can use the PC to browse for the Droid Bionic, which it finds as a media server.

  • The Copy Media options on the DLNA app’s screen can be used to copy music, pictures, or video between your phone and a Windows PC. This operation works only when the computer has been properly configured to send and receive files.