Droid Bionic: Set up an ISP E-Mail Account - dummies

Droid Bionic: Set up an ISP E-Mail Account

For e-mail provided by your Internet service provider (ISP), office, or other large organization, you have to work the manual setup on the Droid Bionic. The steps are involved, but as long you have the details from your ISP, things should work smoothly. Heed these steps:

  1. Start the My Accounts app.

    Look for it on the App menu, along with all other apps on your phone.

  2. Touch the Add Account button.

  3. Choose the Email icon to add your Internet e-mail account.

  4. Type the e-mail address you use for the account.

  5. Type the password for that account.

    If you’re using the onscreen keyboard, touch the Done button to dismiss the onscreen keyboard.

  6. Remove the green check mark by the option Automatically Configure Account.

    You need to supply more information for the Droid Bionic to configure a standard Internet e-mail account, such as the one given to you by your ISP.

  7. Touch the Next button.

  8. Choose General Settings.

  9. Fill in the information for account name, real name, and e-mail address.

    In the Account Name field, type a name to recognize the account, such as Comcast Email or whatever name helps you recognize the account.

    In the Real Name field, type your name, screen name, or whatever name you want to appear in the From field of your outgoing e-mail messages.

    The Email Address field is the address your recipients use when replying to your messages.

  10. Touch the OK button.

    If necessary, press the Back soft button to dismiss the onscreen keyboard so that you can see the OK button.

  11. Choose Incoming Server.

  12. Fill in the fields per the information provided by your Internet service provider (ISP).

    For most ISP e-mail, the server type is a POP mail server, shown at the top of the screen.

    The Server field contains the name of the ISP’s POP server. The Droid Bionic may guess at the name; confirm that it’s correct. If not, type in the correct server name.

    The username is the name you use to log in to your ISP to retrieve e-mail. The password is your ISP e-mail password. Both these fields should be preset for you.

  13. Touch the OK button.

  14. Choose Outgoing Server.

  15. Fill in the fields.

    Fill in the SMTP Server name as provided by your ISP.

    If they aren’t already filled in for you, type your username and password.

  16. Touch the OK button.

  17. Touch OK to create the e-mail account.

The account is now listed on the My Accounts screen, along with Google and Facebook and whatever other accounts you’re accessing from your Droid Bionic.

You can set up a ton of e-mail accounts on the Droid Bionic, one for each e-mail account you have.