Droid Bionic: Set Default Numbers and Favorites - dummies

Droid Bionic: Set Default Numbers and Favorites

When a contact on your Droid Bionic has multiple phone numbers or e-mail addresses, you can choose which one becomes the default. This default number or address is used by various phone features to let you quickly phone or send the contact a message. Here’s how to set a contact’s default phone number or e-mail address:

  1. Display the contact’s information.

  2. Long-press the phone number you want to use as the main number.

    Touch and hold the phone number until the Options menu pops up.

  3. Choose Make Default Number.

    The phone number is appended with a tiny, white check mark.

  4. Long-press the e-mail address you want as the contact’s primary e-mail contact.

  5. Choose Make Default Email.

    As with the phone number, the e-mail address entry grows a tiny, white check mark.

A favorite contact is someone you stay in touch with most often. The person doesn’t have to be someone you like — just someone you phone often.

The list of favorite contacts is kept on the Dialer app’s Favorites tab, as shown in this figure. The top part of the list shows favorite favorites, or those favorites you’ve contacted frequently. At the bottom of the list, you see people you contact frequently but who are not (yet) favorites. Below that is a list of people you frequently contact — ideal candidates for promotion to the Favorites list.


To add a contact to the Favorites list, display the contact’s information and touch the Star button in the contact’s upper-right corner, as shown in this figure. When the star is green, as shown in the figure, the contact is one of your favorites.


To remove a favorite, touch the contact’s star again, and it loses its color. Removing a favorite doesn’t delete the contact, but instead removes it from the Favorites list.

  • Contacts you mark as favorites are also available on the Quick Contacts widget, which appears top and center on the main Home screen panel.

  • The contact has no idea whether they’re one of your favorites, so don’t believe that you’re hurting anyone’s feelings by not making them a favorite.