Droid Bionic: Send Texts to a Phone Number - dummies

Droid Bionic: Send Texts to a Phone Number

The situation is rare, but it can come up: You have your Droid Bionic, another person’s cell phone number, and you need to send a text. Instead of choosing a Contact, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Text Messaging app.

    You see a list of current conversations (if any), organized by contact name or phone number. If not, press the Back soft button.


  2. Touch the green Plus button, found at the top of the touchscreen.

  3. Type a cell phone number in the To field.

    When the number you type matches one or more existing contacts, you see those contacts displayed. Choose one to send a message to that person; otherwise, continue typing the phone number.

  4. Touch the Compose Message text box.

  5. Type your text message.

  6. Touch the Send button to send the message.

It’s recommend that the next thing you do after sending the message is to create a new contact for the number: Long-press the phone number you sent a text to (found atop the screen). Choose View Contact and then Create New Contact. Fill in the blanks.