Droid Bionic: Retrieve Your Messages - dummies

Droid Bionic: Retrieve Your Messages

When you have voice mail looming on your Droid Bionic, the New Voicemail notification icon appears on the status bar, as shown in the margin. You can either pull down this notification to connect to the voice mail service or simply dial *86 on the phone’s dialpad. From the Voicemail app, touch the Call Voicemail button.


The table lists some commands for using the Verizon voice mail service. These commands may change, and will be different for different service providers.

Verizon Voice-Mail System Commands
Dial This To Do This
* Go to the Main menu or, from the Main menu, disconnect from
voice mail
0 Listen to Help
1 Listen to messages or, if you’re listening to a message,
rewind the message
2 Send a message to another phone number on the Verizon
3 Fast-forward (speed up) the message
4 Review or change your personal options, such as the message
5 Restart the session or, if you’re listening to a message,
get time information
6 Forward the message to someone else
7 Delete the message you just heard
8 After listening to a message, call the sender or reply to the
9 Save the message you just heard
# End input
  • You don’t have to venture into carrier voice mail just to see who called you. Instead, check the call log to review recent calls.

  • Calls you exile into voice mail are not flagged as Missed in the Recent Calls list.