Droid Bionic: Reset the Software - dummies

Droid Bionic: Reset the Software

When all else fails with your Droid Bionic, you can do the drastic thing and reset all the phone’s software, essentially returning it to the state it was in when it first arrived. Obviously, you need not perform this step lightly.

Resetting the phone’s software is a drastic measure. Consider finding support by telephone or online before you start. Here are the steps:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings, and then choose Privacy.

  3. Choose Factory Data Reset.

    By itself, the Factory Data Reset option merely resets the phone’s software. The information you have on the phone’s storage (internal and MicroSD card) remains. That way, the pictures, videos, music, and other information saved on the phone’s storage isn’t erased. That is, unless you:

  4. Optionally, place green check marks by the Erase options for the phone’s internal storage and MicroSD card.

    Erasing these options isn’t required in order to fix phone problems. The only time you need to use them is when you sell a phone or trade it in.

  5. Touch the Reset Phone button.

  6. Touch the Erase Everything button to confirm.

    All the information you’ve set or stored on the phone is purged.

Again, do not follow these steps unless you’re certain that they will fix the problem or you’re under orders to do so from someone in tech-support.