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Droid Bionic: Regular Phone Maintenance

The Droid Bionic gives you only two tasks that you can do for regular maintenance on the phone: Keep it clean, which is probably something you’re doing already, and keep important information backed up.

    Keeping it clean

You probably already keep your phone clean. Of course, better than using your sleeve to clean the touch screen is something called a microfiber cloth. This item can be found at any computer- or office-supply store.

  • Never use ammonia or alcohol to clean the touchscreen. These substances damage the phone. Use only a cleaning solution specifically designed for touchscreens.

  • If the screen continually gets dirty, consider adding a screen protector. This specially designed cover prevents the screen from getting scratched or dirty, but also lets you use your finger on the touchscreen. Be sure that the screen protector is intended for use with the Droid Bionic.

  • You can also find customized Droid Bionic cell phone cases, belt clips, and protectors, though these add-on items are purely for decorative or fashion purposes and don’t even prevent serious damage if you drop the phone.

    Backing it up

A backup is a safety copy of the information on your Droid Bionic. It includes any contact information, music, photos, videos, and apps you’ve recorded, downloaded, or installed, plus any settings you’ve made to customize your phone. Copying this information to another source is one way to keep the information safe, in case anything happens to the phone.

On your Google account, information is backed up automatically. This information includes your Contacts list, Gmail messages, and Calendar app appointments. Because the Droid Bionic automatically syncs this information with the Internet, a backup is always present.

To confirm that your Google account information is being backed up, heed these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Launcher button.

  2. Choose My Accounts.

  3. Choose your Google account.

  4. Ensure that a green check mark appears by every option.

    When no check mark is there, touch the gray square to add one.

If you have more than one Google account synchronized with the Droid Bionic, repeat these steps for every account.

There is also the Verizon app Backup Assistant. You don’t have to use Backup Assistant. It doesn’t do anything that’s necessary, and it’s a pain in the butt to set up.