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Droid Bionic: Read An E-Mail Message

As mail comes in, you can read it on your Droid Bionic by choosing a new e-mail notification, such as the Gmail notification. You can also choose new e-mail by viewing the universal inbox. Reading and working with the message operate much the same as in any e-mail program you’ve used.

The way the message looks in the inbox depends on whether you’re using the Gmail, Email, or Messaging app. These two figures shows the Gmail interface and the Email and Messaging apps’ message-reading interface.


Browse messages by touching the arrow buttons at the bottom of the message screen. In the Gmail interface, they point left and right; but in the Email program, they point up and down. That difference was created merely to confuse you.


Replying to the message works similarly to composing a new message in the Gmail or Email programs.

  • To access additional e-mail commands, touch the Menu soft button. For example, commands in the Email app shuffle messages between folders, flag messages, and print e-mail.

  • Use Reply All only when everyone else must get a copy of your reply. Because most people find endless Reply All e-mail threads annoying, use the Reply All option judiciously.

  • To forward a Gmail message, touch the Forward button. In the Email program, the Forward command appears on the same menu as the Reply command.

  • When you touch the Star icon in a Gmail message, you’re flagging the message. Those starred messages can be viewed or searched separately, making them easier to locate later.

  • If you properly configure the Email program, there’s no need to delete messages you read.

  • You might find it easier to delete (and manage) Gmail using a computer.