Droid Bionic: Pictures and the Social Networking App - dummies

Droid Bionic: Pictures and the Social Networking App

There is no direct way to send a picture to your social networking sites using the Social Networking app. Instead, that you take the picture and then visit the Gallery. You can then share the picture by following these steps:

  1. View the image you want to share.

  2. Touch the Share button, found at the bottom of the screen.

    You may need to touch the screen so that the onscreen menu appears and you can access the Share command.


  3. From the Select an Action menu, choose Photo Share.

    As this book goes to press, the Photo Share command works only with the Facebook site.

  4. Replace the image’s long cryptic name with a more appropriate description.

    The name shown is the image’s filename as it’s stored on the Droid Bionic. Long-press the name to select it and then type something new.

  5. Touch the Send button to upload the image and its description to Facebook.

Uploading an image in this manner is more a function of the Gallery app than the Social Networking app.

If you’ve installed the Facebook and Twitter apps, you’ll find them listed at the bottom of the menu that appears when you choose the Share button (refer to Step 2 in the list). Using these commands is another way to upload pictures to your favorite social networking site.