Droid Bionic: Message Attachments - dummies

Droid Bionic: Message Attachments

The Droid Bionic lets you view most e-mail attachments, depending on what’s attached. You can also send attachments, though it’s more of a computer activity, not something that’s completely useful on a cell phone. That’s because cell phones, unlike computers, aren’t designed for creating or manipulating information.

Email messages with attachments are flagged in the inbox with the Paperclip icon, which seems to be the standard I-have-an-attachment icon for most e-mail programs. When you open one of these messages, you may see the attachment right away, specifically if it’s a picture. Otherwise, you see one of the attachment options illustrated in this figure.


Touch the Preview button to witness the attachment on your phone; touch the Download or Save button to save the attachment to your phone’s storage.

What happens after you touch the Preview or View button depends on the type of attachment. Sometimes, you see a list of apps from which you can choose one to open the attachment. Many Microsoft Office documents are opened by the QuickOffice app.

Some attachments cannot be opened. In these cases, use a computer to fetch the message and attempt to open the attachment. Or, you can reply to the message and inform the sender that you cannot open the attachment on your phone.

  • When multiple attachments are found on an e-mail message, you see a large paperclip icon, similar to the one shown in the margin. Touch the icon to see all the attachments.


  • Sometimes, pictures included in an e-mail message aren’t displayed. You find the Show Pictures button in the message, which you can touch to display the pictures.

  • You cannot save certain e-mail attachments on your phone. Wait until you retrieve these messages on your computer to save their attachments.

  • The View Attachment button in the Email app shows a thumbnail preview for some image attachments.

  • You can add an attachment to an e-mail message you create: Touch the Menu soft button and choose either the Attach or Attach Files command. You can then choose what to attach.