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Droid Bionic: Manage Your Social Networking Accounts

When you change things around in your online social life, you need to update your account information in the Social Networking app on the Droid Bionic. For example, if you find yourself loathing Twitter, you can remove that account. Or, maybe you clicked a bad link on Facebook and need to update your account password. Those account management chores are handled by following these steps:

  1. Start the Social Networking app.

    It’s found on the Apps screen, along with all other apps on your phone.

  2. Press the Menu soft button.

  3. Choose Manage Accounts.

    All the accounts associated with the Droid Bionic appear in the My Accounts list. Even your Google account is listed, though it’s not officially a social networking app.

You can do three things with the accounts: Change your password, remove the account, or add another account:

  • Update your password: To change your password, choose an account from the list and type in a new password. Touch the OK button when you’re done.

  • Remove an account: To remove an account, choose it from the list and touch the Remove Account button. Touch the Yes button to confirm.

  • Add an account: Refer to the preceding section for information on adding a new account.

You use the Social Networking app to update your password, not to change it. Change the password using the social networking site on the web, preferably by using a computer. After making the change, you need to update the account information on your phone.