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Droid Bionic Help and Troubleshooting

You have many resources for solving issues with your Droid Bionic. Things aren’t as bad as they were in the old days. Back then, you could try two sources for help: the atrocious manual that came with your electronic device or a phone call to the guy who wrote the atrocious manual. It was unpleasant. Today, things are better.

Getting help

The Droid Bionic comes with a modicum of assistance for your weary times of woe. Granted, its advice and delivery method aren’t as informative or entertaining as the book you hold in your hands. But it’s something!

Two apps can help you with your Droid Bionic: Guided Tours and Help Center. Both apps are found on the App menu.

Guided Tours: The Guided Tours app lists a clutch of video tutorials you can view. Choose a category and then select a video.

Help Center: The Help Center app lists Videos (coincidentally borrowed from the Guided Tours app), along with an online guide, list of tips, and support information.

Some of the information presented is good, but basic. It’s also, at its core, simply what would have once been printed and bundled with the Droid Bionic: the dratted manual.

Of course, none of the information found in the Guided Tours or Help Center apps helps you when you can’t get turn on the phone. That’s why books such as the one you’re reading right now will probably never go out of style.

    Getting support

The easiest way to find support for the Droid Bionic is to dial 611. You’re greeted by a cheerful Verizon employee, or an automated robot system, who will gladly help you with various phone issues.

On the Internet, you can find support at these websites: