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Droid Bionic For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So, you’ve purchased a new Droid Bionic smartphone. That was the easy part. Perhaps not so easy is understanding how the Droid Bionic works. But don’t worry— this Cheat Sheet provides you with a plethora of shortcuts, tips, tricks, and other useful information that will help make you and your Droid Bionic work in perfect biological-electronic harmony.

The Droid Bionic Home Screens

The Droid Bionic’s main screen is called the Home screen, and there’s more than one kind of Home screen. You actually have seven screens to choose from. Have a quick look:


The Droid Bionic Soft Buttons

The Droid Bionic features four soft buttons (or soft keys), that appear below the touchscreen. Get acquainted with these soft buttons and the different ways you can use them.


Droid Bionic Touchscreen Operations

Using the touchscreen on your Droid Bionic is just a matter of teaching your fingers to do what you want them to. You can perform several basic actions on the Droid Bionic touchscreen:

Action How to Do It
Touch Touch the screen.
Double-tap Touch the screen twice in the same location.
Long Press Touch a spot on the screen and keep your finger down.
Swipe Touch a spot on the screen and drag your finger left, right,
up, or down.
Flick Do the same thing as a swipe (except faster).
Pinch Use two fingers to touch the screen and bring both fingers
together as you continue to touch the screen.
Spread Use two fingers close together and then spread them apart,
touching the screen as you spread them.

Droid Bionic Tricks to Remember

Using a Droid Bionic smartphone means easy web access, fun with apps, and more. Boost your Droid Bionic productivity with these handy time-saving tricks (which might even strengthen your hopeless addiction to your new smartphone).

  • If you don’t plan on using the phone for a while – and you seriously need some peace – put the Droid Bionic to sleep: Press and hold the Power Lock button and choose the Sleep command. Press and hold the Power Lock button again to wake up the phone.

  • Dictation! You can speak into the phone as an effective and quick alternative to using the onscreen keyboard.

  • Use the Swype keyboard for rapid text entry.

  • Press and hold a key on the onscreen keyboard to confirm that your stubby fingers have selected the right character.

  • Spread your fingers to zoom into a web page, where it’s much easier to click on links.

  • Quickly put the Droid Bionic into vibration mode by pressing the Down Volume button until the phone jiggles.

  • When you’re on the phone, press the power button to lock the phone and turn off the touchscreen.

  • When downloading updates, new apps, or for faster Web browsing, activate the Droid Bionic’s WiFi.

  • Use the Search soft button to look for things on the phone, on the Internet, or in a specific app.

Droid Bionic Help and Support

Even if your fingers can fly over the Droid Bionic touchscreen and you use its features like a pro, you may still encounter serious phone trouble. If you need help with your Droid Bionic, here’s a smattering of trusted places to seek first-aid:


Verizon Wireless

Google Support