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Droid Bionic: Fix Random and Annoying Problems

Aren’t all problems with your Droid Bionic annoying? Here are descriptions of some typical problems you might find with your phone and some suggestions for a solution:

  • You have general trouble. For just about any problem or minor quirk, consider restarting the phone: Turn off the phone, and then turn it on again. This procedure will most likely fix a majority of the annoying and quirky problems you encounter on the Droid Bionic.

    When restarting doesn’t work, consider turning off the Droid Bionic and removing its battery. Wait about 15 seconds, and then return the battery to the phone and turn on the phone again.

  • The data connection needs to be checked. Sometimes, the data connection drops but the phone connection stays active. Check the status bar. If you see bars, you have a phone signal. When you don’t see either the 4G LTE, 3G, 1X, or Wi-Fi icon, the phone has no data signal.

    Sometimes, the data signal suddenly drops for a minute or two. Wait and it comes back around. If it doesn’t, the cellular data network might be down, or you may simply be in an area with lousy service. Consider changing your location.

    For wireless connections, you have to ensure that the Wi-Fi is set up properly and working. Setup usually involves pestering the person who configured the Wi-Fi signal or made it available, such as the cheerful person in the green apron who serves you coffee.

  • Music begins to play while you’re on the phone. This quirk is most annoying. For some reason, you start to hear music playing while you’re in a conversation on the phone. Why the phone’s software doesn’t disable music from even being able to play while the phone is in use, no one knows.

    Anyway, it might seem to you that stopping the music is impossible. It’s not: Press the Home soft button to go to the Home screen. (You might have to unlock the phone.) Pull down the notifications and choose the Music Playing notification. Press the Pause button to pause the music.

  • The phone’s storage is busy. Most often, the storage — internal or MicroSD card — is busy because you’ve connected the Droid Bionic to a computer and the computer is accessing the phone’s storage system. To “unbusy” the storage, unmount the phone or stop the USB storage.

    When the phone’s storage remains busy, consider restarting the phone, as described earlier in this section.

  • An app has run amok. Sometimes, apps that misbehave let you know. You see a warning on the screen announcing the app’s stubborn disposition. Touch the Force Close button to shut down the errant app.

    When you see no warning or an app appears to be unduly obstinate, you can shut ’er down the manual way by following these steps:

    1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

    2. Choose Settings, and then choose Applications.

    3. Choose Manage Applications.

    4. Touch the Running tab at the top of the Manage Applications screen.

    5. Choose the application that’s causing you distress.

      For example, a program doesn’t start or says that it’s busy or has another issue.

    6. Touch either the Stop or Force Stop button.

      The program stops.

After stopping the program, try opening it again to see whether it works. If the program continues to run amok, contact its developer: Open the Market app, press the Menu soft button, and choose My Apps. Open the app you’re having trouble with and choose the option Send Email. Send the developer a message describing the problem.