Droid Bionic: Facebook App - dummies

Droid Bionic: Facebook App

To get access to more popular Facebook features than the Social Networking app provides for on the Droid Bionic, download the Facebook for Android app. You can scan the QR code shown or visit the Android Market to search for the Facebook app.


The main Facebook screen is shown in this figure. You can use this interface to do most of the Facebook things you can do on the web, including upload a photo or keep your status up-to-date wherever you go with your Droid Bionic.


After installing the Facebook for Android app, accept the licensing agreements and sign in. You need to sign in even if you’ve already configured Facebook for the Social Networking app; they are two separate apps.

Set your Facebook status by touching the Status button.

To take a picture with the Facebook app, touch the Camera icon, which appears to the left of the text box where you type your status. You get to decide whether to upload a picture you’ve already taken from the Gallery or choose the Capture a Photo command to take a picture immediately.

After you take the picture, touch the Done button. Add a caption, and then touch the Upload button to send the picture to Facebook.

  • Choose the News Feed item to see status updates, newly added photos, and other information from your Facebook friends.

  • Choose Photos to review your Facebook photo albums.

  • Choose Profile to review your personal Facebook page, your status updates, and whatever else you’re wasting your time doing on Facebook.

    To return to the main Facebook screen from another area, press the Back soft button.


  • To sign out of Facebook on your phone, touch the Menu soft button when viewing the main Facebook screen and choose the Logout command. Touch the Yes button to confirm.