Droid Bionic Carrier Voice Mail - dummies

Droid Bionic Carrier Voice Mail

The most basic form of voice mail for the Droid Bionic is the free voice mail service provided by your cell phone company. It’s a standard feature with few frills and nothing that stands out differently, especially for such a nifty phone as the Droid Bionic.


Carrier voice mail picks up missed calls and calls you thrust into voice mail. The Droid Bionic alerts you to a missed call by displaying the Missed Call notification (shown in the margin). You then dial the voice mail system, listen to your calls, and use the phone’s dialpad to delete messages or repeat messages or use other features you probably don’t know about because no one ever pays attention.

  • The Missed Call icon doesn’t appear when you’ve sent a call to voice mail.

  • Even when you plan to use something sophisticated, such as Google Voice, as your voice mail service, it’s still a good idea to set up basic carrier voice mail.

If you haven’t yet done it, you need to set up voice mail on your phone. Even if you believe it to be set up and configured, consider churning through these steps, just to be sure:


  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings.

    The Settings screen appears.

  3. Choose Call Settings and then Voicemail Service.

  4. Choose My Carrier, if it isn’t chosen already.

    Or, if it’s the only option, you’re set.

You can use the Voicemail Settings command to confirm or change the voice mail phone number. For Verizon in the United States, the number is *86.

After performing these steps, call into the carrier voice mail service to finish the setup: you might be able to configure your language, set a voice mail password, and then record a greeting, following the steps offered.

The Voicemail app on the App menu lists pending messages, though only the quantity of messages and other information. The Call Voice Mail button can be used to have the phone dial into the voice mail system for you, where you can listen to your messages.

Complete your voice mailbox setup by creating a customized greeting. When you don’t, you may not receive voice mail messages, or people may believe that they’ve dialed the wrong number.