Droid Bionic Camera Settings - dummies

Droid Bionic Camera Settings

With your Droid Bionic, you have no need to constantly lug a camera around with you. You’re free to capture the moment at any time. Though better portable cameras are out there, the Droid Bionic’s camera is always with you.

Change the resolution on the Droid Bionic

The Droid Bionic nearly does away with the resolution question. For digital photography, resolution refers to the image resolution, or the number of dots in the image. Your phone’s main camera has only two resolutions: 6MP and 8MP.

To set the resolution in the Camera app, pull out the Control Drawer and touch the Settings button. If a check mark appears by the Widescreen option, the resolution is set to 6MP. Remove the check mark to set the resolution to 8MP.

Press the Back soft button to dismiss the Settings menu, and then press the Menu soft button to close the Control Drawer.

  • The Droid Bionic’s front-facing camera has a fixed resolution of 640-by-480 pixels.

  • A picture’s resolution describes how many pixels, or dots, are in the image. The more dots, the better the image looks and prints.

  • MP stands for megapixel — a measurement of the amount of information stored in an image. One megapixel is approximately 1 million pixels, or individual dots that compose an image.

Set the flash on the Droid Bionic

The camera on the Droid Bionic has three flash settings, as shown in this table.

The flash activates during low-light situations, but not when it’s bright out.

The flash activates during low-light situations, but not when it’s bright out.
The flash always activates.
The flash always activates.
The flash never activates, even in low-light situations.
The flash never activates, even in low-light situations.

To change or check the flash setting, look at the Flash button on the Control Drawer. The button’s icon confirms the current flash setting, which is Auto in the figure. Touch the button to change the setting.

A good time to turn on the flash is when taking pictures of people or objects in front of something bright.

Take a self-portrait with the Droid Bionic

Who needs to pay all that money for a mirror when you have the Droid Bionic? Well, forget the mirror. Instead, think about taking all those self-shots without having to second-guess whether the camera is pointed at your face.

To take your own mug shot, start the Camera app and touch the Switch Camera button. When you see yourself on the screen, you’re doing it properly. Smile. Click. You got it.

Touch the Switch Camera button again to direct the Droid Bionic to use the main camera again.