Droid Bionic: Add a Social Networking Account - dummies

Droid Bionic: Add a Social Networking Account

When you start the Social Networking app on your Droid Bionic for the first time, the only thing you see is the Add a Social Network button. Obviously, the app is trying to sell you something: You need to add some social networking accounts.

It’s easier to first set up your social networking accounts on the web, preferably using a computer. That way, you have a full screen and keyboard to help you create the accounts and get things configured.

After setting up an account by using a computer, and getting a login ID and password for that social networking site, it’s time to set things up on your phone. The most consistent way to add social networking accounts to your Droid Bionic is to obey these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Choose Accounts.

  4. Touch the Add Account button, found at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Choose the social networking site where you already have set up an account.

    For example, if you have a Facebook account, choose Facebook. If you have a Twitter account, choose Twitter.

  6. Type the account login ID or your e-mail address, whichever is required to access your account on the social networking site.

    You may need to type only the first part of your e-mail address; if you see a menu with your e-mail address listed, choose it.

  7. Type the account’s password.

    Touch the Done button or press the Back soft button to dismiss the onscreen keyboard when you’re done typing the password.

  8. Touch the Next button.

    The Social Networking app configures and adds your account to its inventory.

  9. Touch the Done button.

Repeat these steps to add additional social networking accounts to the Social Networking app’s inventory. When you’re done, you can press the Home soft button to return to the Home screen.

The Droid Bionic is updated immediately with your social networking site information.