Display the Multi-Touch Keyboard on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Display the Multi-Touch Keyboard on the Droid Bionic

The Multi-Touch keyboard on the Droid Bionic shows up anytime the phone demands text as input, such as when you’re typing a text message or writing something on the web.

Normally, the keyboard just pops up — for example, when you touch a text field or an input box on a web page. Then you start typing with your finger or — if you’re good — your thumbs.

The alphabetic version of the Multi-Touch keyboard is shown in this figure. The keys A through Z are there (except that they’re in lowercase), plus the Shift/Caps Lock key, Delete key, Space key, and Period key.


Some keys change depending on what you’re typing. For example, when you’re typing an e-mail address, the Microphone key changes to the @ key. Likewise, the Enter/Return key has its variations. Here’s what those special keys do:

  • Enter/Return: Just like the Enter or Return key on a computer keyboard, touching this key ends a paragraph of text. It’s used mostly when filling in long stretches of text or when multiline input is available.

  • Next: This key appears whenever you’re typing information into multiple fields. Touching the key switches from one field to the next, such as when typing a username and password.

  • Done: Use this key to dismiss the onscreen keyboard. Normally, this key appears whenever you finish typing text in the final field of a screen with several fields.

  • Go: This action key directs the app to proceed with a search, accept input, or perform another action.

The top row on the keyboard features teensy numbers. To access these numbers, press and hold a key. For example, press and hold the P key to produce the 0 (zero) character.

The Multi-Touch keyboard also features two non-alphabetic variations. To see the symbols keyboard, touch the ?123 key. The symbols keyboard is shown in this figure. Touching the Alt button shows the alternative keyboard. Touching the Alt button again switches back to the symbols keyboard.


To return to the QWERTY keyboard layout, touch the ABC key.

Some applications show the keyboard when the phone is in landscape orientation. If so, the keyboard shows the same keys but offers more room for your fingers to type.