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Customize Your HTC One (M8) with Games and Apps

By Bill Hughes

Application developers — large and small — are working on the Android platform to offer a variety of apps and games for the HTC One. Compared to most of the other smartphone platforms, Google imposes fewer restrictions on application developers regarding what’s allowable. This freedom to develop resonates with many developers — resulting in a bonanza of application development on this platform.

Currently, more than one million applications are available from Google’s Play Store.

Download games

Although your phone comes with a few general-interest games, you can find a whole wide world of games for every skill and taste. Whether you prefer standalone games or multiplayer games, you can set up your HTC One to get what you need.

Download apps

Your phone comes with some very nice apps, but these might not take you as far as you want to go. You might also have some special interests, such as philately or stargazing, that neither HTC nor your carrier felt would be of sufficient general interest to include on the phone. (Can you imagine?)

Your phone also comes with preloaded widgets, which are smaller apps that serve particular purposes, such as retrieving particular stock quotes or telling you how your phone’s battery is feeling today. Widgets live on the extended Home screen and are available the instant you download them to your home screen.

Buying apps allows you to get additional capabilities quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Ultimately, these make your phone, which is already a reflection of who you are, even more personal.

What’s cool about Android

The HTC One is a top-of-the-line Android phone. That means you can run any app developed for an Android phone to its full capability.

This is significant because one of the founding principles behind the Android platform is to create an environment where app developers can be as creative as possible without an oppressive organization dictating what can and cannot be sold (as long as it’s within the law, of course). This creative elbow room has inspired many of the best app developers to go with Android first.

In addition, Android is designed to run multiple apps at once. Other smartphone platforms have added this capability, but Android is designed to let you jump quickly among the multiple apps that you’re running — which makes your smartphone experience that much smoother.