Control the Droid Bionic with Voice Commands - dummies

Control the Droid Bionic with Voice Commands

The Voice Commands app, found on the App menu, allows you to bellow verbal orders to your Droid Bionic. Start the app and wait a second to see a list of command suggestions.

Try out a few of the commands, such as the Call command. The phone may ask you for more detailed information, requiring you to reply “yes” or “no,” similar to an annoying voice menu at some Big Impersonal Company.

This feature is a tad unreliable, especially compared to how well the Dictation feature works overall. Still, it’s worth a try if you truly want to play Mr. Spock and dictate your commands to a cold, impersonal piece of electronics.

The Droid Bionic features a voice censor. It replaces those naughty words you might utter, placing the word’s first letter on the screen, followed by the appropriate number of asterisks.

For example, if fudge were a blue word and you utter fudge when dictating text, the Droid Bionic Dictation feature would place f**** on the screen rather than the word fudge.

The phone knows a lot of blue terms, including the infamous “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,” but apparently the terms crap and damn are fine.