Connect Your Droid Bionic to an HDMI Monitor - dummies

Connect Your Droid Bionic to an HDMI Monitor

The Droid Bionic has the ability to project its media — pictures, video, and music — onto other devices. As you would expect, getting the phone to connect to other media devices isn’t the simplest task in the universe.

It’s possible to connect the Droid Bionic to a large-screen monitor. This ability sates your big-screen desires for playing Angry Birds without totally losing the phone’s ability to easily slip into your pocket. The trick is to connect the phone to an HDMI monitor or television set.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.

To see your phone’s display really big, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the HDMI cable to the HDMI monitor or TV set.

    If it’s an HDMI TV, make a note of the port number so that you can switch to that input channel for viewing the phone.

  2. Plug the HDMI cable into the Droid Bionic’s HDMI jack.

    The jack is right next to the micro-USB connector, and they look similar.

  3. Choose which option you want for HDMI viewing.

    Three options are displayed on the Droid Bionic screen:

    Gallery: The Gallery app opens. You can start a slide show by choosing My Library and then pressing the Menu soft button and choosing the Slideshow command.

    Music: The Music app starts. Choose a playlist, an album, or an artist and enjoy watching the Music app on the big screen. (The sound should play from the TV’s speakers.)

    Mirror On Display: The Droid Bionic screen output is duplicated on the HDMI TV or monitor.

  4. Disconnect the HDMI cable when you’re done.

    There’s no need to give any commands or officially touch a button; just unplug the cable.

If you change your mind about your choice from Step 3, pull down the notifications and choose the item Connected to HDMI Cable. Choose another option from the menu.