Connect Your Droid Bionic to a Computer - dummies

Connect Your Droid Bionic to a Computer

The most direct way to mate a Droid Bionic with a computer is to use a USB cable. Coincidentally, a USB cable comes with the phone. It’s a match made in heaven, but, like many matches, it often works less than smoothly.

Communication between your computer and the Droid Bionic works faster when both devices are physically connected. This connection happens by using the USB cable: The cable’s A end plugs into the computer. The other end, known as the micro-USB connector, plugs into the Droid Bionic’s left flank.

The connectors cannot be plugged in either backward or upside down. That’s good.

When the Droid Bionic is connected via USB cable to a computer, you see the USB Connection notification icon appear, as shown here.


  • If possible, plug the USB cable into the computer itself, not into a USB hub. The phone-computer connection works best with a powered USB port.

  • If you don’t have a USB cable for your phone, you can buy one at any computer- or office-supply store. Get a USB-A-male-to-micro–USB cable.

  • A flurry of activity takes place when you first connect the Droid Bionic to a Windows PC. Notifications pop up about new software that’s installed, or you may see the AutoPlay dialog box, prompting you to install software. Do so.