Configure Your Google Account on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Configure Your Google Account on the Droid Bionic

If you haven’t yet configured a Google account for your Droid Bionic, follow the steps in the preceding section and then continue with these steps:

  1. Go to the Home screen.


    The Home screen is the main Droid Bionic screen. You can always get there by pressing the Home soft button, found at the bottom of the touchscreen.

  2. Touch the Launcher button.


    The Launcher button is found to the lower right of the Home screen. Touching this button displays the App menu, which shows icons representing every app (application or program) installed on your phone.

  3. Open the My Accounts icon.

    Swipe the list left and right by using your finger; touch the screen and slide your finger to the right, which displays the next panel of apps. Locate the My Accounts icon. Touch the icon to open it.

  4. Touch the Add Account button.

  5. Choose Google.

  6. Ignore the text on the screen and touch the Next button.

  7. Because you already created your Google account on a computer, touch the Sign In button.

  8. Touch the Username text box.

    The onscreen keyboard appears.

  9. Type your Google account username.

  10. Touch the Password text box.

  11. Type your Google account password.

  12. Touch the Sign In button.

    If you need to, touch the Done button on the onscreen keyboard so that you can find the Sign In button.

    Wait while Google contacts your account and synchronizes any information. It takes longer when you have more information to synchronize.

  13. Ensure that check marks appear by all the Data & Synchronization options.

    If they don’t, touch the box to place a green check mark by each option. You want the phone to completely synchronize all your Google account information.

  14. Touch the Finish button.

  15. Touch the Finish Setup button.

    You’re done.

You return to the Setup Accounts screen. Press the Home soft button to return to the Home screen.


  • If you change your Google password and forget to tell the phone about it, you see an alert notification. Pull down the notifications and choose Sign In Error for your Google account. Follow the directions on the screen to update your Google password.

  • Other accounts can be synchronized with your Droid Bionic, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Mail.