Composing New E-Mail Messages on Your Android Phone - dummies

Composing New E-Mail Messages on Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

When an e-mail message demands an immediate reply, you can compose a new e-mail message on your Android phone using any of the methods presented here.

Writing a new electronic message

Creating a new e-mail epistle works similarly with both the Gmail and Email apps. The key is to touch the Compose icon, found atop the screen.


The figure shows the layout of the e-mail composition screen, which should be familiar to you if you’ve ever written e-mail on a computer.


Fill in the To, Subject, and message content fields. As you type in the To field, matching contacts from the phone’s address book appear. Choose one from the list. As with any e-mail message, you can send your message to multiple recipients.

Add the Cc and Bcc fields by touching the Action Overflow icon and choosing the Add Cc/Bcc command.


When you have more than one e-mail account configured for the Email app, you can select which account to use for sending the message. Touch the Action Bar icon to choose the sending account. The account being used appears on the screen, such as the Main account shown.


To send the message, touch the Send icon.


  • To cancel a message, touch the Action Overflow icon (or the Menu icon) and choose the Discard command. Touch either the OK or Discard button to confirm.

  • Copies of the messages you send in the Email app are stored in the Sent mailbox. For Gmail, send messages are saved in your Gmail account.

  • The Compose icon may look different on your phone. Occasionally, the pencil icon is used.


  • Save a message by choosing the Save Draft command from the Action Overflow menu. Drafts are saved in the Drafts folder. You can open them there for further editing or sending.

  • Some phones feature a formatting toolbar in the Email app. Use it to change the way the text looks in your message.

Sending e-mail to a contact

A quick and easy way to compose a new message is to find a contact in the phone’s address book app. Heed these steps:

  1. Open the phone’s address book app.

    The stock Android app is named People, although the name Contacts is also popular.

  2. Locate the contact to whom you want to send an electronic message.

  3. Touch the contact’s e-mail address.

  4. Choose Gmail or Email to compose the message.

    Other options may be available for composing the message. For example, a custom e-mail app you’ve downloaded may show up there as well.

You may be prompted to use the Complete Action Using menu before Step 4. Choose the Just Once option until you become more familiar with the e-mail apps.