Choosing a Shooting Mode on Your HTC One's Camera App - dummies

Choosing a Shooting Mode on Your HTC One’s Camera App

By Bill Hughes

Tapping the shooting modes icon in your HTC One’s Camera app brings up the options shown. When you tap an option, it’s circled in bright orange:


  • Camera: This implies using the camera lens on the back of your phone with all the great features offered by the HTC One.

  • Video: This is the icon you use to switch to the video camera on your phone.

  • Zoe Camera: This is a hybrid between the camera and the video recorder. Its primary purpose is to use the smarts and the inexpensive storage in your camera/phone to help you capture the perfect shot by taking a very fast series of still shots that is not quite a video so you can select the exact image when everything is perfect.

  • Selfie: This option uses the front-facing camera so you can see yourself on the screen. Its default is to give you a few seconds of delay so you can get your hand away from the lens once you tap the shutter!

  • Dual Capture: You have two cameras on your phone. One is facing out the back and the other is forward facing. This mode lets you take pictures from both at the same time.

  • Pan 360: This option lets you spin in place to take an image a full 360 degrees around.