How to Change the Orientation of Your Android Phone - dummies

How to Change the Orientation of Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

Android phones feature a gizmo called an accelerometer. Various apps use it to determine in which direction the phone is pointed or whether you’ve changed the phone from an upright to a horizontal position.

To demonstrate how the phone orients itself, rotate the device to the left or right. Most apps change their presentation between vertical and horizontal to match the phone’s orientation. (The web browser app is a good app to use for testing the orientation.)

  • The orientation feature may not work for all apps — specifically, games that present themselves in one format only. Also, some phones’ Home screen may not reorient.
  • The onscreen keyboard is more usable when the phone is in its horizontal orientation.
  • Some phones feature a quick setting that locks the orientation.
  • A nifty app that demonstrates the phone’s accelerometer in action is the game Labyrinth. You can purchase it at Google Play or download the free version, Labyrinth Lite.