Buttons and Controls on Your Droid Bionic - dummies

Buttons and Controls on Your Droid Bionic

The Droid Bionic’s first impression can be intimidating with its buttons and controls. That’s because it probably looks unlike any other phone you’ve ever owned or used. So take a few seconds to look around your new Droid Bionic, using this helpful advice found in this section.

Rather than call everything on the Droid Bionic a thingamabob, consider poring over these figures. The first illustrates the names of all the useful things you find on the front of your new phone; the second does the same for the phone’s back.


The terms referenced in the figures are the same as the terms used the Droid Bionic documentation that exists.

  • The phone’s Power Lock button, which turns the phone off or on, is found atop the phone, as shown.

  • The main part of the phone is the touchscreen display. You use the touchscreen with one or more of your fingers to control the phone, which is where it gets the name touchscreen.

  • The soft buttons appear below the touchscreen, as shown. They have no function unless the phone is turned on.

  • Yes, the main microphone is on the bottom of the phone. Even so, it picks up your voice loud and clear. There’s no need to hold the phone at an angle for the microphone to work.

  • The phone’s volume is adjusted by using the Volume button on the phone’s left side.

  • The Volume button can also be used as a Zoom function when using the Droid Bionic as a camera.