Backing Up Images and Videos in the Android's Photos App - dummies

Backing Up Images and Videos in the Android’s Photos App

By Dan Gookin

The Photos app on your Android is preset to automatically back up your phone’s images and videos to Google Photos on the Internet, or what’s often called “cloud storage.” This process takes place automatically as you take photos and record videos.

Visit Google Photos. You perform image management on the web page, organize albums, and do all sorts of fun stuff. But the real issue is whether you want the images to be backed up.

If you prefer not to share the images automatically, obey these steps to disable the feature:


  1. In the Photos app, tap the Side Menu icon.
  2. On the navigation drawer, choose Settings.
  3. Choose Back Up & Sync.
  4. Slide the master control by Back Up & Sync to the Off position.

Changing this setting doesn’t affect any images already backed up to Google Photos. You can visit Google Photos in a web browser to check on any photos that are already backed up.

Images and videos backed up to Google Photos are private unless you visit the website and opt to make an item public.