Atrix 4G Smartphone Tricks to Remember - dummies

Atrix 4G Smartphone Tricks to Remember

Part of Motorola Atrix For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can perform several basic actions with just your voice or fingers on your Atrix 4G’s touchscreen. Consider your everyday operations with these smartphone options:

  • Dictation! You can speak into the phone as an effective, quick alternative to using the onscreen keyboard.

  • Use the Swype keyboard for rapid text entry.

  • Press and hold a key on the multitouch keyboard to confirm that your stubby fingers have selected the correct character.

  • Quickly put the Atrix 4G into vibration mode by pressing the Volume down button until the phone jiggles.

  • When you’re on the phone, press the power button to lock the phone and turn off the touchscreen.

  • After initially touching your finger on the screen, use the magnifier to precisely move and locate the cursor.

  • When downloading updates or new apps, or for faster Web browsing, activate the Atrix 4G’s Wi-Fi. This trick is particularly useful in areas where 3G or 4G wireless is not available or to avoid data surcharges.

  • Use the Search soft button to look for items on the phone, on the Internet, or in a specific app.