Android Phone Air Travel Tips - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Traveling can be stressful, but having your Android phone with you can make things a little easier. Here are some cell phone and airline travel tips:

  • Charge your phone before you leave. This tip probably goes without saying, but you’ll be happier with a full cell phone charge to start your journey.

  • Take a cell phone charger with you. Many airports feature USB chargers, so you might need just a USB-to-micro-USB cable. Still, why risk it? Bring the entire charger with you.

  • At the security checkpoint, place your phone in a bin. Add to the bin all your other electronic devices, keys, brass knuckles, grenades, and so on. Keeping your cell phone in your pocket most definitely sets off airport metal detectors.

  • If the flight crew asks you to turn off your cell phone for takeoff and landing, obey the command. That’s turn off, as in power off the phone or shut it down. It doesn’t mean that you place the phone in airplane mode. Turn it off.

  • Use the phone’s Calendar app to keep track of flights. The combination of airline and flight number can serve as the event title. For the event time, insert takeoff and landing schedules. For the location, add the origin and destination airport codes. Remember to set the proper time zones. Referencing the phone from your airplane seat or in a busy terminal is much handier than fussing with travel papers.

  • Some airlines feature Android apps you can use while traveling. Rather than hang on to a boarding pass printed by your computer, for example, you simply show your phone to the scanner.