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Android Apps for Travel and Navigation

By Daniel A. Begun

Numerous travel and navigation apps are available for Android devices. These include several GPS navigation and mapping apps that offer a variety of features, apps that track flights and locate hotels, apps that help you create travel journals, and apps that help you find your car or find the lowest gas prices in your area.

Popular travel and navigation apps for Android devices include the following:

  • Car Finder AR (€2.40): If you regularly drive a car, chances are that at one time or another you’ve forgotten where you parked it. After you park your car and are ready to venture forth, launch the Car Finder AR app, which displays a map of your current location. If you prefer, you can use a satellite view instead. Tap your device’s Menu button, and then tap the Save Location button to record your car’s location.

  • CoPilot Live – North America ($19.99 US): With inexpensive GPS navigation smartphone apps, such as CoPilot Live – North America, maps and even GPS devices are becoming superfluous. CoPilot Live delivers clearly spoken, GPS-guided, turn-by-turn directions. The app says the street names and also guides you to the correct lane when needed. If you make a wrong turn, CoPilot Live instantly recalculates the route to get you back on track.


  • FlightTrack ($4.99 US): FlightTrack is a must-have app for frequent flyers. Enter your domestic and international flights into FlightTrack, and it delivers real-time updates as soon as there are changes to the status of any of your flights. FlightTrack provides terminal, gate, and baggage information. It also displays airport information (such as FAA delays and closures) and weather forecasts.

  • GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas (free): With Gas Buddy – Find Cheap Gas in your arsenal, you needn’t drive extra miles looking for the lowest price at the pump. You can search by city or zip code, or simply tap the Find Gas Near Me button to see what’s close by. You can sort the results by price or distance, or display the prices on a map. You can see prices for Regular, Midgrade, Premium, and Diesel.

    The gas prices for this app are submitted by users. If you use Gas Buddy — Find Cheap Gas, return the favor and use the app to report the prices you see at the gas stations you frequent.

  • Google Maps (free): As with all things Google, the question is not what can Google Maps do, but what can’t it do? The fact that you can see maps and satellite views of virtually any part of our planet is just the tip of the iceberg. You aren’t limited to searching just what you see on the screen. Type anything you are looking for into the search bar, and Google Maps will locate it, no matter where it is in the world.

  • Kayak Flight and Hotel Search (free; ad supported): Short of using a travel agent for your next vacation or business trip, Kayak Flight and Hotel Search might be your best bet for finding the best options and cheapest rates for wherever you plan to go. Kayak Flight and Hotel Search is a travel search engine that collects data from hundreds of sites — including airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and discount travel-booking sites.

  • NAVIGON MobileNavigator USA (€45.25): This app is a robust, GPS-guided navigation app that provides spoken, turn-by-turn directions. It includes an extensive map data and points-of-interest database, and the capability to instantly recalculate your route. This app includes an augmented-reality feature, Reality Scanner, where information about nearby businesses appears over a live image of what your device’s camera sees.

  • Ride Hopper Full ($0.99 US): With more than 4,300 rides at 260-plus theme parks in its database, you can use this app to get up-to-the-minute wait times for all the rides at the park you’re visiting. If a ride’s wait time is too long for you, set Ride Hopper Full to alert you when the wait time is more reasonable. You can also add specific rides to a Favorites list, making it easier to check on only the rides that interest you.

  • Transport Maps (free): If you suddenly find yourself in need of a public transportation map for a major metropolitan area almost anywhere in the world, chances are you can download and view it with Transport Maps. Maps get added to the growing database by users who upload them to the Transport Maps submission Web site. The maps are large, easy-to-read JPG files with which you can zoom and pan.

  • Trip Journal (€2.99): With the Trip Journal app, folks can follow your travel adventures as fun, interactive, multimedia explorations. Whenever you stop at a noteworthy location, launch Trip Journal and create a waypoint. A waypoint marks the specific GPS coordinates of your current location. Next, take photos and videos using your device’s camera, and they’ll be associated with that waypoint. You can also add notes to waypoints and make edits later.