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Android Apps for Shopping and Dining Out

By Daniel A. Begun

These days, there’s little you can’t purchase via online shopping. Android apps for shopping and dining out access well-known sites such as, Craigslist, eBay, and Yelp. You’ll also find apps for locating coupons, preparing grocery lists, and scanning bar codes to compare prices and read user reviews.

Some of the top Android apps for shopping and dining out include the following:

  • (free):, with its vast selection of product categories and its many merchant partners, has largely become the Sears catalog of the early 21st century.’s Wish List has replaced the antiquated need to dog-ear pages to remember particular products. So is it any wonder that has a dedicated Android app that lets you peruse all has to offer and order products directly from your device?


  • The Coupons App (free; subscription required): With The Coupons App, let the coupons come to you. Even better, you don’t have to print them out; just call them up on the screen when you’re at the cashier. You can save coupons, share them via e-mail or social networking, and save them to your calendar with reminders on the days they expire. This app helps you find a coupon’s nearest store, and gives you the phone number and driving directions.

    The Coupons App is free, but in order to unlock all of its features, you must buy a subscription, which starts at $0.99 per month.

  • Craigslist Notification (free; ad supported): Chances are if you’re looking to buy a used item, someone else is looking to sell it on Craigslist. Craigslist Notification conducts its searches in the background, downloads the ads that match your search queries, and notifies you when new ads are available. You can create multiple searches if you are looking to buy several items.

  • Grocery IQ (free): With the Grocery IQ app, you can arrive at the market knowing exactly what you need to pick up. A simple handwritten list would serve just as well, but the Grocery IQ app does many other things that are beyond the capabilities of mere pen and paper. You can add staple items to a Favorites list by using a search feature, speaking the item’s name into the microphone, or scanning in the item’s bar code using your device’s camera.

  • Official eBay Android App (free): With this app, sellers can track items they are selling on eBay, see what has and hasn’t sold, and what’s scheduled to go on sale. Buyers can watch items, track their bids, and see what they have and haven’t won. You can set the eBay app to send you notifications when you’ve been outbid and when a watched item’s auction is about to end.

  • Shopper (free): Launch the Shopper app and tap the Image search button. This fires up your device’s camera, which you point at the bar code on a product’s box. Shopper locks in on the bar code and performs a quick online search for the product. In mere seconds, Shopper spits out a list of places where you can purchase the product; you’ll also find user product reviews.


  • Where (free): If you’re traveling, the Where app can help you find a good lunch spot, the cheapest gas, and what’s happening in town. You don’t have to be a frequent traveler to benefit from what Where offers, though — you’ll find plenty of information about all the places to go and things to do just outside your own front door.

  • WootWatcher (free): Everybody loves a good bargain, and if you like to do your shopping online, you’ve probably heard of Woot. Woot offers a different discounted or refurbished item every day; most often, it’s some sort of consumer electronics. WootWatcher keeps an eye on the different Woot sites and notifies you when new items are for sale. Each Woot site gets its own page in WootWatcher, which includes a picture of the product.

  • Yelp (free): “Yelpers” have posted more than 12 million reviews about local businesses. You can also easily join the fray and add your opinions about your local establishments. You can find out what’s around you by using Yelp’s cool Monocle feature. Tap the Monocle button from Yelp’s home screen; in a few moments, the screen displays a live image of what your device’s camera sees. Using the device’s GPS and compass, Monocle is location aware.


  • Zagat To Go ’10 ($9.99 US): Zagat offers some of the most reliable restaurant reviews and ratings. The Zagat editors painstakingly synthesize all the input they receive from diners into one concise review of a restaurant. You’ll find more than 40,000 reviews of restaurants, nightspots, hotels, and stores, from nearly every major U.S. city. You can see what’s nearby, or search by neighborhood or cuisine.