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Android Apps for News and Weather

By Daniel A. Begun

You’ll find quite a few news and weather apps available for Android devices. These newsworthy resources include apps from such as the Associated Press, National Public Radio, and USA Today. News aggregator apps that acquire data from multiple sources are also available. You can get up-to-the-minute weather updates from a variety of weather apps, including some that provide data on recent earthquakes and hurricanes.

Popular news and weather apps for Android apps include the following:

  • AP Mobile (free): AP Mobile has a number of things going for it that most other news apps lack. First and foremost, the Associated Press (AP) gets its news from more than 1,200 sources around the world, which makes AP Mobile an excellent source for international news coverage. AP Mobile has a lot of settings for specifying exactly what kinds of news stories you want it to display.

  • Earthquake! (free): If you think you just felt the earth move under your feet, fire up Earthquake! and you’ll quickly find out if there really was one, what its magnitude was, and how close you are to the epicenter. Using data piped in from the U.S. Geological Survey, Earthquake! displays a list of recent earthquakes from around the world. It also has a cool map view that displays an earthquake’s epicenter, magnitude, and estimated damage zone.

  • Engadget (free): Engadget is one of the top Web destinations for the latest tech news and up-to-the-minute information about the hottest gadgets. If you’re a frequent visitor to the Engadget Web site, you’ll feel right at home with the Engadget Android app. And if you are just getting your geek feet wet, Engadget is a great place to get started.


  • Hurricane Hub (free): This app dishes out the latest Hurricane updates and information, and offers info about how to prepare for a storm and deal with its aftermath. It also delivers the latest hurricane-related news and provides related information, such as what the different storm categories mean. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the app’s different storm maps, which include computer models and five-day storm track predictions.

  • NewsRob (free; ad supported): If you use Google Reader on your computer to aggregate news stories from multiple sources, then NewsRob should be your first choice for accessing those feeds from your Android device. NewsRob automatically syncs with Google Reader, pulling your feeds down to your device so that you can read the content even when it’s offline. NewsRob has an elegant, easy-to-use interface, and you can even set it to notify you when particular feeds are updated.

  • NPR News (free): When it comes to getting in-depth, thought-provoking news, it’s tough to beat National Public Radio (NPR). And with the NPR News app for Android devices, NPR fans can listen to many of their favorite NPR shows while on the go. Even better, NPR News enables you to listen to live broadcast streams from many of NPR’s local affiliate stations.

  • NubiNews Reader (free): While NubiNews Reader is an RSS reader that provides news updates to your device, where this app really stands out is as a true news aggregator. NubiNews Reader comes with a long list of mainstream news sources already built in. These include well-respected news organizations such as the BBC, CNN, and The New York Times.

  • The Weather Channel (free; ad supported): The Weather Channel app can track the weather of multiple locations, offer hourly and extended forecasts, and display animated weather maps with multiple layer options. The Weather Channel shows forecasts out to ten days and includes a local video forecast that is updated throughout the day.

  • USA Today (free; ad supported): There’s no shortage of decent general-news apps available for Android devices; but USA Today manages to beat out the others with its elegant design and easy-to-navigate interface. USA Today divvies up information into five separate tabs at the top of the screen: Headlines, Scores, Weather, Pictures, and Snapshots.


  • WeatherBug Elite ($1.99 US): In addition to the current weather conditions, this dedicated weather app gives an extended forecast up to seven days out. WeatherBug Elite breaks the weather outlook down to morning and evening forecasts, and even provides hourly forecasts that include data such as humidity, wind speed, and chance of precipitation.