Advanced Settings and Effects Options of Your HTC One's Camera - dummies

Advanced Settings and Effects Options of Your HTC One’s Camera

By Bill Hughes

Don’t think that HTC skimped on the camera on your HTC One. This camera has lots of shooting options, so you never again have to miss a great photograph.

  • Manual Settings: In the Primary settings, you have the Manual Option. This lets you go in and set the digital equivalent of the film speed, the exposure value, and focus zone.

  • Filters: The HTC One offers you a lot of cool filters. From the viewfinder, tap the filter icon to bring up a panorama of choices like those shown. Have fun!


  • Make-Up Level: When you tap the setting icon, you are given the option to set the make-up level from 0 to 10. The issue is that digital cameras can sometimes be too good, and can exaggerate facial imperfections. This setting lets you control how much “help” is offered to blur skin imperfections while retaining high resolution of features.

  • Image Adjustments: Here you can get to the nitty-gritty of how the image will look using settings for contrast, saturation, and sharpness. The following figure shows the range of settings you can manipulate.


  • Crop: The default on your camera is a wide setting with a 16:9 ratio of width to height. You can also set it to the more traditional 4:3 ratio. If you want to be creative, you can make it square (which is a 1:1 ratio).

  • Guide Lines: If your photos are kittywampus or cockeyed much of the time, you can have lines help you get your vertical and horizontals lined up.

These modes help when you’re taking the shot. You can also edit an image later. It’s easier to do complicated image editing on your desktop computer instead of your phone. However, you can make some edits on your phone and send your photo off right away. It’s your choice.