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Accessories for Your Droid Bionic

You might consider obtaining some other items and accessories to enhance your mobile communications experience with your Droid Bionic. These items can be obtained at the Phone Store or online at Verizon Wireless.

Docking Stations

A docking station is a heavy base into which you can set your phone. There are several models:

  • Standard Dock: The basic model, called the Standard Dock, is merely a stand in which you can set the Droid Bionic.

  • Battery Dock: The Battery Dock lets you charge the Droid Bionic ― its internal battery and its spare battery.

  • Multimedia Dock: The Multimedia Dock features HDMI output, which makes it easier to connect your Bionic to an HDMI TV or monitor.

  • HD Station: The HD Station is a webtop dock, which allows you to access certain advanced phone features, including connecting the Droid Bionic to USB devices. The HD Station also features a multimedia Remove control.

The Vehicle Navigation Mount

The Vehicle Navigation Mount is a fancy term for the Droid Bionic’s car mount. The mount provides a cradle for the phone while you’re in your car. A suction cup attaches the cradle to the windshield or any other flat surface, which keeps the phone handy and visible while you perilously navigate the roads in your auto.

You’ll probably want to buy the car charger adapter in addition to the Vehicle Navigation Mount, especially if you plan to use the Droid Bionic as your map/navigator on the road.

The Car Home screen appears whenever the Droid Bionic is nestled inside the vehicle navigation dock.

Motorola Lapdock

The Droid Bionic features a custom dock that looks like a thin laptop ― including both a full-size keyboard and an LCD monitor ― called the Motorola Lapdock. You connect the phone to the back of the Lapdock and you’re prompted to run special webtop applications. This way, your Droid Bionic transforms from a state-of-the-art 4G LTE smartphone into a quasicomputer.

An HDMI cable

Your Droid Bionic can throw its sound and image onto a computer monitor or TV screen, but only if you obtain an HDMI cable. The cable plugs into the phone’s HDMI hole (refer to the figure for the HDMI connector) and then into the monitor or TV. After choosing the proper HDMI input on the monitor or TV, you see the same image from the Droid Bionic touchscreen displayed on the monitor or TV.