Accessories for Your Android Phone - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Beyond earphones, you can find an entire Phone Store full of accessories and baubles that you can obtain for your Android phone. The variety is seemingly endless, and the prices, well, they ain’t cheap. Here are some of your choices:

  • Phone case: Protect your phone by getting it a jacket, one that further expresses your individuality.

  • Screen protectors: These clear plastic sheets adhere to the touchscreen, protecting it from scratches and other abuse. Ensure that you get screen protectors designed specifically for your phone.

  • Belt clip: To sate your envy of Batman’s utility belt, consider getting a fine leatherette or Naugahyde phone case that you can quickly attach to your belt.

  • Car charger: This gizmo connects your phone to the car’s 12-volt battery source. If you’re over 40, the power source was once known as a cigarette lighter.

  • Car mount: This device holds your Android phone so that you can easily see it while driving. It makes for easier access, although these things are forbidden in some states.

  • MicroSD Card: When your phone supports this type of removable storage, consider buying this memory card.

  • Dock: This is a heavy base into which you can set your phone. Some docks are simple cradles that prop up the phone for easy bedside viewing. Others are more sophisticated, offering USB connectors and maybe even a real keyboard.

  • Wireless charger: Not every phone can be charged wirelessly, but if yours can, definitely get a wireless charger. Simply set your phone on the pad or prop it up in the dock. The phone’s battery starts magically recharging.

  • Screencasting dongle: This accessory connects to an HDTV or computer monitor. Once configured, it allows you to cast the phone’s screen onto the larger-screen device. It’s ideal for watching movies, Netflix, or YouTube videos or for enjoying music. Google’s Chromecast is an example of a screencasting gizmo.