Access the Droid Bionic Contacts List - dummies

Access the Droid Bionic Contacts List

Your Droid Bionic stores information about your friends and associates in an electronic address book called the Contacts list. Therein you’ll find e-mail addresses, physical addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers. All this data is accessed by using the Contacts app.

To peruse your phone’s address book, open the Contacts app, found on the App Menu screen. You can also view your contacts by touching the Contacts tab in the Dialer app. Both methods get you to the same list, shown in this figure.


Scroll the list by swiping your finger. You can use the index on the right side of the screen to quickly scroll up and down through your contacts.

To do anything with a contact, you first have to choose it: Touch a contact name and you see more information, as shown in this figure.


You can do a multitude of things with the contact after it’s displayed:

  • Make a phone call. To call the contact, touch one of the contact’s phone entries, such as Call Home or Call Mobile.

  • Send a text message. Touch the Text Message icon to open the Text Messaging app and send the contact a message.

  • Compose an e-mail message. Touch the Email link to compose an e-mail message to the contact. When the contact has more than one e-mail address, you can choose to which one you want to send the message.

  • View social networking info. Visit the contact’s Facebook, Twitter, or another social networking account by touching the appropriate item.

  • Locate your contact on a map. When the contact has a home or business address, you can touch the little icon next to the address to summon the Maps application.

When you’re done viewing the contact, press the Back soft button.

Information about your contacts is pulled from multiple sources: your Google account, the phone’s storage, and your social networking sites. When you see duplicated information for a contact, it’s probably because the information comes from two or more of those sources. Multiple sources can be viewed when you edit the contact’s information.

Even if you have no friends, or if you have friends but don’t want them in your phone, a smattering of entries are preset in the Contacts list. They represent various phone company services. Here’s the list:

  • #BAL: Receive a free text message indicating your current cell phone charges as well as any previous payments you’ve made.

  • #DATA: Receive a free text message indicating your text message or data usage.

  • #MIN: Receive a free text message indicating the minutes you’ve used on the Droid Bionic, including peak, off-hour, or weekend or whatever other categories for cell phone minutes are available.

  • #PMT: Make a payment using your Droid Bionic. This operation works only when you’ve configured your account to make payments via the phone.

  • #Warranty Center: Contact Verizon for troubleshooting and warranty issues regarding your Droid Bionic.

  • Me: That’s you! Your own account on your Droid Bionic is called Me. It has information about you, the owner of a Droid Bionic phone.