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Cheat Sheet

BlackBerry For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From BlackBerry For Dummies, 5th Edition

By Robert Kao, Dante Sarigumba

Use your BlackBerry like a pro with these shortcuts. Whether you’re navigating your BlackBerry’s Home screen, entering text, using the BlackBerry’s web browser, or sending a message, using these shortcuts makes it easy.

BlackBerry: Home Screen Shortcuts

You can use your BlackBerry so much faster when you know the shortcuts. When you’re at the BlackBerry Home screen, use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly pop open an application. (In the Home Screen Preference screen, make sure you set the Launch by Typing option to Application Shortcuts.) Not at the BlackBerry Home screen? Simply press and hold the red End key.

The following shortcuts work for both QWERTY and SureType BlackBerry:

* key: Keyboard lock

# key: Switch between the Vibrate profile and current profile

The shortcuts in this table don’t apply to the SureType BlackBerry (meaning the BlackBerry Pearl).

Applications Press
BlackBerry Messenger N
Browser B
Calendar L
Calculator U
Contacts A or C
Help H
Keyboard Lock K
MemoPad D
Messages M
On/Off Power key
Options O
Phone Send button or P
Saved Messages V
Search S
Tasks T

BlackBerry: Typing Shortcuts

Speed up your typing on the BlackBerry by using these handy shortcuts. You may find the typing shortcuts on your BlackBerry especially helpful when you view an e-mail or a web page, or reply to an e-mail. You can use these shortcuts with any BlackBerry application.

To SureType QWERTY
Turn on Num Lock. Alt+Shift Alt+left Shift
Turn on Caps Lock. n/a Alt+right Shift
Turn off Num or Caps Lock. Alt Shift
Go to the top of a page or list. ER key T
Go to the bottom of a page or list. CV key B
Insert a period. Space twice n/a
Capitalize a letter. Press and hold the letter key n/a
Insert @ or a period for an e-mail address. Space n/a
Type an accented or special character. Hold the letter key and scroll with the trackpad left or
Switch between input languages. Alt+Enter n/a

BlackBerry: Browser Shortcuts

Make web browsing on your BlackBerry faster and easier with the following keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are available whenever you’re using the BlackBerry Browser application on your BlackBerry. To get to the Browser application, simply select the Browser icon from Home screen.

To SureType QWERTY
Open Go To field GH key G
Open bookmark list AS key K
Open tabs n/a W
Refresh current page n/a R
Insert period in Go To field Space n/a
Insert slash in Go To field Shift+Space n/a
Stop loading web page Escape n/a
Close browser Press and hold Escape n/a

BlackBerry: Message Application Shortcuts

When your BlackBerry is in the Message application, you can use the following Message application keyboard shortcuts. To get to the BlackBerry Message application, select the Messages icon from the Home screen.

Sort/Filter SureType QWERTY
List incoming e-mail only Alt+UI key Alt+I
List phone calls only Alt+OP key Alt+P
List SMS messages only Alt+AS key Alt+S
List voicemail only Alt+CV key Alt+V
List outgoing e-mail only n/a Alt+O
Navigating SureType QWERTY
Oldest e-mail CV key B
Newest e-mail ER key T
Previous day DF key P
Next day JK key N
Read next unread e-mail * key U
Next page M or Space Space
Previous page UI key Shift+Space
Open e-mail GH key or trackpad Enter or trackpad
Other SureType QWERTY
Compose e-mail L C
Forward e-mail OP key F
Reply to QW key R
Reply to all AS key L