Your Google Glass Callers Sound Like They’re Underwater - dummies

Your Google Glass Callers Sound Like They’re Underwater

Google Glass uses bone-conduction transducer (BCT) technology in its speaker. BCT picks up the vibrations from your skull to help improve call quality. You may have heard of BCT because it’s used in smartphones, earbuds, and headphones as well.

Despite this technology, you may still have trouble hearing people on the phone, especially in noisy areas. You can take some steps to fix this problem:

  • Reposition the speaker. Check the position of the speaker to ensure that it comes up right against your ear. The speaker works best when it’s right up against your ear.

  • Turn up the volume. If the voice you’re listening to is too soft, tap the Settings card in the timeline and then tap the Volume Settings card to view and change the volume.

    This procedure may seem to be elementary, but when you’re in a loud place and your caller’s voice is suddenly too soft, you may not think to turn up the volume.

  • Connect the earbuds that came with your Glass to the device. The earbuds include printed instructions that tell you how to connect them to Glass.

  • Move. If you still can’t hear the person adequately with either the speaker or the earbud, consider placing your hand over your free ear and/or moving to a quieter location.

If all else fails, ask a Glass Guide to talk you through more troubleshooting steps.