Your First Tour of MyGlass for Google Glass - dummies

Your First Tour of MyGlass for Google Glass

To tour MyGlass for the first time, fire up your favorite browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and then follow these steps:

  1. In the browser address bar, type and then tap or press Enter.

    If you aren’t logged in to your Google account already, you see the Google login page so that you can log in to your Google account.

    If you’re already logged in to Google, you may see a warning page. Don’t panic; this warning screen is a good thing. Google is making sure that you are who you say you are, because it doesn’t want an unauthorized user changing your Glass experience.


  2. Tap or click the OK button and then type your Google e-mail address and password in the Accounts screen.

    After you log in, the MyGlass home page appears. The home-page content is organized in a row of cards, just as in your Glass timeline, so you’ll feel right at home. A menu bar appears at the top of the home page, with menu options at the left end and your Google e-mail address and account photo at the right end.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • Select Setup if you want to set up Glass for the first time or after you perform a factory reset.

    • Select MyGlass or the Glass logo to return to the MyGlass home page.

    • Select Glassware so you can shop for Glassware, add Glassware to your Glass, or remove Glassware from your Glass.

    • Select Explorers to visit the Glass Community website.

    • Select Support to open a new tab in your browser and view the Glass support page.

    • Select your Google e-mail address or account photo to view your Google account information, add an account, or sign out of MyGlass.