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What You Can Do with Google Glass

Following are some examples of what you can do with Google Glass. Some of them are hypothetical, based on what Glass can do now; others are based on real-world experiences.

Manage air travel

A married couple walk through an airport. They don’t have to look at the television screens displaying flight information because they’re both wearing Glass, so they both get real-time flight updates on their Glass screens. When they eat at an ethnic restaurant in the airport, they look up ways to translate phrases such as good and thank you into the proprietor’s native language.

When the couple finish eating, they see a map of the airport on their Glass screens, showing them the correct boarding gate. During the flight home, the wife speaks a quick message to her mother about their time of arrival, and that message appears on her mother’s phone.

The couple didn’t have to add anything to their devices to make all this work; all that functionality comes with each Glass out of the box.

Do your job more efficiently

You can use Google Glass to collaborate with other professionals and improve your job results, as follows:

  • A surgeon at Ohio State University used the video features of Google Glass to show live knee surgery to other doctors connected through a Google Hangout. This approach provides an opportunity not only to teach, but also to collaborate live with other surgeons while a procedure is performed. In both cases, viewing doctors can see what’s happening just as the performing doctor sees it.

    Doctors can also use Glass to get updated information such as the latest CT (computed tomography) scan results, reports from specialists, and drug interactions.

  • Mutualink has developed an app that allows public-safety personnel and first responders to use Glass to communicate with colleagues, get information about patients, and keep abreast of emergency situations. Emergency medical technicians who use this app on Glass can get a list of allergies onscreen while keeping their hands free, as well as communicate with an emergency-room doctor before the patient arrives at the hospital.

  • Fiberlink has created mobility management software that helps information technology professionals find missing smartphones, police the company network, and change network user information from Glass. If you’re often on the go but need to keep tabs on a network, using Glass with Fiberlink software may be a good solution.

Get fit and get cooking

The LynxFit app contains a wide variety of workouts (including yoga, CrossFit, running, and walking) so you can follow the workout regimen on your Google Glass screen as you exercise. What’s more, the app tracks your statistics as you exercise so you can see just how many calories you’re burning — and perhaps get motivated to work harder.

If you like to cook but want to use both hands for cooking and/or don’t want to get your smartphone or tablet smudged with food stains, you can use the Allthecooks app. This app lists recipes with step-by-step instructions so you can cook delicious meals successfully.

The instructions appear on the Glass screen, so you don’t have to wash your hands to consult a smartphone or tablet; as you complete each step, simply tell the Allthecooks app to proceed to the next one.

Meet people

You have a built-in conversation starter when you wear your Glass out in public. Glass gets attention wherever it goes, whether it’s at the mall, on the street, or in the store. Also, don’t be surprised if strangers want to try on your Glass.